Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, we are finally joining the 21st century and creating a family blog!
We have been living in Dallas, Texas for the past 4 years as Dan gets his Master of Theology degree at Dallas Theological Seminary! He works on campus as the maintenance guy for the two residence buildings. He works 40 hours a week and is going to school full time as well! It seems like he is reading all the time but he always makes time for his girls! He loves to play racquetball when he can and has also played hockey for many seasons since we have been in Dallas. His plan right now, is to get his PhD after seminary so that he can teach when he is finished with school.
Christy has been staying home with the girls since this past summer and has really loved watching them grow everyday. She volunteers once a week at the local pregnancy center while Dan has time with the kids. Christy also likes to play racquetball with her friends when she gets the chance.
Abbey Dawn (who was named for her Aunt Dawn) is now 2 years old and loving every minute of it! She worked very hard over the Thanksgiving break to become potty trained and was successful! She has special panties with Minnie Mouse and others with Elmo and they were enough motivation to help her learn to be diaper free! She has many friends her age that live in our building and she loves to play with them as often as she can! She has a weekly play date at the Children's Museum with a friend name Gabe and she also plays with Ansley, Elysa, Jackson, Ben, Faith, Jacob, Aniah, Lena, Lily, and many more! We live in a 10 story building and each floor is filled with families with kids! Our floor itself has 20 kids! Abbey loves to read Berinstein Bear books, play with her Fisher Price Little People, and run up and down our hall with her doll stroller! She is a very happy child and she is usually very obedient. She knows how to say her prayers at night time and she makes sure to mention all of her friends in her prayers. She has been learning her alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, opposites, and other early learning skills. Her daddy is also teaching her German as he is learning himself. She is very excited about playing with her new sister and is always very loving toward her.
Olivia Jane (who was named for her Grammy) is now 6 months old and was born on July 8th. Abbey calls her "Oh-wee-ah" since she cannot say the "L" sound yet. We have a feeling this will always be her name to Abbey. She has recently learned to sit up on her own and this makes it much more fun to play with Abbey. She has one tooth on the bottom and is working hard for the others everyday. She has a very big smile and is such a delight. We will update the blog when she does something more exciting than sitting up, and growing teeth! :)


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  2. Christy, it was great reading your blog keep it up =) Did you start working?