Thursday, February 12, 2009

Transition Time

Well, this week has been a long time of transition for our little family as Christy has started back to work full time. The girls have been tossed around from sitter to sitter everyday as Christy has been going to nursing orientation from 8a-4p. Olivia has had a hard time taking a bottle from her caregivers but is finally coming around in the last 2 days. Abbey has had fun playing with different friends everyday, but is starting to get weary of not being at home with Mommy. Dan has been working and going to class during the day and helping out with the kids, and dinner, and baths, and bedtime at night.
The girls have really started to get attached to each other and enjoy laughing together. Abbey can make Olivia laugh at any time, and it usually makes her start laughing as well! It has been fun to see them become friends as Olivia has become more interactive. We know that they are going to be friends for life, so its neat to see that relationship begin!
Next week, Christy will have orientation on Monday and start working on the Labor and Delivery Unit on Tuesday! She will be working day shift for the next 2 weeks and will start night shift in March. She is ready to get started at her new job and ready to get a routine back into our lives.

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