Friday, September 11, 2009



Wow! We sure have been busy since we last updated in February! Actually, we kind of forgot about it! Oh, well. Here we go!
Dan has been running around fixing everything on campus that he can while he works in the maintenance department for the Seminary. He has really become very handy with all the skills he has picked up and can pretty much fix anything that comes his way. He even is perfecting his skills in the automotive department when he fixed the air conditioning in our van a few weeks ago! So handy! He has just started his 5th year in Seminary this year (in August) and is still enjoying every minute of it. He will be starting his internship soon and has just submitted his thesis proposal. He also takes care of the kids all night when Christy is at work and helps out a lot around the house. He is a very busy guy!
Christy started working night shift at Medical City in Labor and Delivery in February. She is really enjoying getting to know all the nurses and doctors, and is especially enjoying getting to take care of preggos again! She usually works 3 nights a week and then has the rest of the week to spend with the family. She is doing her best to keep up with the housework on her days off and is having a blast with the kids as they are getting older!
Abbey is now 2 years old, although she acts like she is 10! She pretty much talks from the moment she wakes up (when she always says, "May I watch Mickey Mouse please?", to the moment we tell her to close her mouth and go to sleep at night! The things she says always make us laugh out loud. She is really developing her own personality and she is so animated about everything! Abbey is really enjoying playing with her sister, now the Olivia is getting more interactive. Abbey loves to read books, play Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders, and go to the pool! She has changed her name for Olivia now that she is older. Since Olivia was born, she was calling her "O-eee-ah". Now she calls her "Wivi" or "Wivi Jane". We're getting there! One day she'll be able to pronounce her "L's" and then we might get the real name. We are enjoying the little nicknames she is creating now though. Abbey will be 3 years old on October 3rd and she is excited for her "birf-day" party. Her Mommy and Daddy haven't really decided what to do for that so if you have any suggestions...they would be appreciated!
Olivia turned 1 year old on July 8th and she is such a joy! She learned how to walk at 11 months and has been moving ever since. She has learned how to say "Mama, "Dada" and "shoes" (which she wants to wear all the time). She loves to carry around her baby doll, wrestle with her Daddy, and walk around the sidewalk at the pool while the rest of the family is in it!
The girls are really becoming good friends as they play together. They are both having to learn to share, which has been a challenge, but we are sure that's going to be a life-long task. They laugh together everyday and they love to give hugs and kisses to each other. We are so blessed to have them in our family!
We also moved to a bigger apartment in our same building in July. It is so nice to have the extra space and the girls love their new room.
We'll try to keep this blog a little more current!


  1. Love all the pictures, Christy! Your girls are too cute. I am with you, I love it now that my kids play together. Helps you get stuff done around the house too, cause they entertain each other. And love seeing you at church and work! =0)

  2. Love the pictures! Your family is adorable! I hope you update your blog more often now. I guess I'll just have to harrass you about it if you don't!